Law of least effort (Master Key Week 24)

The law of least effort describes the ability to do things and overcome challenges with little to no effort, perhaps even with joy and and an infectious enthusiasm. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Think of all of the challenges you have had in your life. Heck, think of all of the challenges you’ve had in the […]

Catch up and finish strong (Master Key Week 23)

“This situation is crazy.” I must have heard that 100 times now in the last week. But I’ll say it again, “this is crazy”. Things can change at an alarmingly fast rate, and the Coronavirus is providing everyone on this planet with a firsthand experience of this principle. It didn’t hit me until last Thursday. […]

Self-reliance (Master Key Week 22a)

Emerson’s mind is one that brings deep and unique thoughts. Self-reliance, like many Emerson essays are slightly harder to read due to the older english and grammatical structure. However, it is interesting to find that the issues and ideas that Emerson writes about are still relevant in the modern day – the issue of conformity […]

Master of my emotions (Master Key Week 22)

After reading the previous scroll for a month, it is always so refreshing to read the new scroll for the first time. That being said, I think Scroll VI is my favorite scroll so far. “Today I will be master of my emotions,” it simply states. Such control is so mature and honorable in my […]

Mastermind (Master Key Week 21)

As we progress toward the end of the official program (the end of the beginning, if you will), I am starting to reflect more and more on the specific habits that have brought change or energy in my life thus far. And I’m sure many Master Key participants would state that each strategy has been […]

Recognition and silence (Master Key Week 20)

When reading, I don’t always quickly discover the deeper meaning of the content. It may take me multiple reads or perhaps vocalizing it with someone else to capture underlying meaning. However, a very simple tactic that I use, and I’m sure many people use, is highlighting. I highlight passages that stick out to me, the […]

I Am (Master Key Week 19)

I started my week off by watching the documentary I Am directed by Tom Shadyac. After Tom experiences a severe diagnosis that leads him to contemplate life and death in more depth, he decides to go on a journey to ask and possibly answer a few questions. Tom and his interviewees – mainly experts in […]

A bit of clarity on a key concept (Master Key Week 18)

“Think for a moment, what would a man be if he were not a husband, father, or brother, if he were not interested in the social, economical, political or religious world. He would be nothing but an abstract theoretical ego. He exists, therefore, only in his relation to the whole, in his relation to other […]