Mully (Master Key Week 14)

I can’t even begin to express how impressed I am of Charles Mully, his family, and all others who are a part of the organization. The effect that the organization has is so large and so impactful that it seems almost unjust to attempt to simplify it into 4 tiny habits. But that is the power of this combination – a definite major purpose (DMP), a positive mental attitude (PMA), a plan of action (POA), and a mastermind alliance (MMA).

The moment that Charles Mully decided to give up his businesses in order to take on the definite major purpose of assisting orphans in the community, him and his family were nothing but positive. As the number of kids and responsibilities grew, Mrs. Mully even said, “I did not get tired because I loved my husband and my family”. They sought positivity and purpose over stress and negativity. Listening to the interviews of some of the kids who were welcomed into the Mully family, you often heard the mentioning of Mr. Mully’s smile. And I cannot deny, that is the image that is most prevalent when I think back to the movie and story – Charles’ smile, so large, so genuine.

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In addition to a positive mental attitude, persistence was a consistent habit and skill utilize by the Mully family and organization. They never once caved from a challenge that presented itself against the plan of action. Of course the plan of action changed, but it was always working toward the DMP. The plan of action started with simply driving around and finding orphaned kids on the street to bring to the Mully home. It then evolved into building additional living structures to house more kids. From there, schools and curriculums were developed to teach the kids. And from there, the plan of action was to move and build a much larger complex to house the constant growth and become self sustainable. The challenges of fast growth, lack of support from Mully’s original church or community, limited water, and dry land were all transformed into accomplishments. This was again due to persistence, hard work, and in Mully’s case, a trust in God.

Much of this was possible due to the alliance between the immediate family members, but also because of the family that came in and believed in the mission. All who came provided some type of labor or assistance. And with the DMP, PMA, POA, and MMA, the Mully family accomplished something that seemed impossible to so many people – whether from Kenya, or watching the documentary in another region of the world. Thousands of kids have been saved from the streets and brought up in a positive environment to allow for a better life and a great chance at future success.

With an initial reaction or analysis of the accomplishments achieved by the Mully family and organization, one may think I could never do that. But one would be mistaking with this thought. Each of us is a miracle of nature. Each of us can control our thoughts, create a DMP, work on and utilize a PMA, design and execute a POA, and build and leverage a MMA. And each of us has the ability to work hard and persist. Mully came from a life with some of the most extreme challenges imaginable, and he was able to succeed. You too can succeed in whatever endeavor your heart earnestly desires.

In honor of our focus on gratitude, I am extremely grateful for Charles Mully. But I am also extremely grateful to know that I have the same potential and ability as Charles Mully. I look forward to the journey, and I know I will have a positive effect on the world.


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